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Boat or yacht? Swan or Sunseeker? New or used? Mooring or trailer?
Marina or yard? Installation or rebuilding? Transfer or...?


Boote Yachten & mehr has answers and solutions for all yacht and boat owners, skippers and beginners. Everything around the nautical life. Experienced, personalized, professional.

•   Brokerage for new and used boats and yachts
•   Purchase advice/ analysis of needs
•   Evaluation of new and used boats and yachts
•   Owner representive on yards
•   Construction supervision for new  projects
•   Supervising repairing and approval    
•   Yachttransfer worldwide up to 130 ´
•   European Boats-and Yacht transportation
•   Installation and rebuildings
•   Yachtelectric – New installation and rebuilding
•   Technical support
•   Spare part procurement
•   Moorings
•   Skipper service    
•   Crew procurance

Rely on our highly experienced and independant team that is specialized in finding nautic solutions from A-Z.